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Counseling & Positive Behavior Supports

Our goal is to assist individuals understand and problem solve using methods to help him or her cope with the emotional stressors that can come from brain injury or disability.


ACA Counselors are trained and licensed professionals in the state of Kentucky.

Our counselors are experienced in working with individuals and their families experiencing initial onset or long term disability beginning with professional evaluation and identifying goals for individuals to be everything they want to be.

Positive Behavior Supports

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports refer to an environmental, antecedent, support-oriented approach to helping individuals with problem behavior.

ACA Positive Behavior Support specialists are experienced, trained and licensed therapists in the State of Kentucky.

Positive Behavioral supports are individually designed, positive, emphasize learning, offer choice and social integration, culturally appropriate, and include modifying environments as needed.

Positive Behavior Supports begin with a Functional Analysis to ensure that strategies and supports are appropriate and measurable. Positive Behavior Support services include training of family members and care givers to maximize positive outcomes.

Having people to talk to, and people that understand, really helps me.